Goa, India

Travel with Knomadic

Part 1: Goa

So here I am, In India for the first time. Who would think that I would come here..
This year by far was one of the best, with the biggest surprises (that’s why guys, you have to believe in what are you doing all the time)

I came by myself. Some would call this crazy, but I call it “living the life to the fullest”
I came because of Knomadic. A team that brings together inspiring professionals, students, and entrepreneurs to travel in South Asia.

I arrived in Bangalore after 17 hours, two flights and lots of hours of waiting. But all for the best right??
Here I meet some amazing people from around the world who came for the same reason as me: to visit INDIA.
Together we started a tour, guided by a Knomadic team.

First stop was GOA, a place where the weather is over 30 degrees every day. A place full of colorful shops, smiling Indian people and not so clean places but dreamy beaches.

First days were a bit hectic. Being for the first time in Asia, I felt like I went back in time. So many shops that look so old and unprofessional. dirty places, dirty streets, dirty people. Crazy traffic, with people using the horn all the time. But I got used to it quickly.

I loved that people still get dressed in their national port. how nice they treat us. So warm and friendly and the food is so spicy and good.

I have four more weeks to spend here so I can’t wait to share more thoughts with you.


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