COORG – Ambatty Greens Resort

COORG – Ambatty Greens Resort

Truly, India has it all.

From the crazy cities to the cold mountains, busy beaches, to the jungles and the perfect quiet places.
Before I headed back to Europe, I decided together with David and Nikolas to go somewhere quiet, in a place where we can rest, enjoy the nature and just stay.

This is how we discovered Coorg, a place full of history, friendly people, and amazing nature. Endless places where you find just animals and nothing else.

We checked in Ambatty Greens Resort. The best place we stayed in while traveling in India. Here I got to have my own room for 3 whole days, with a big cozy bed, a perfect shower and of course a balcony with a view.

Breakfast time

At breakfast, the staff encouraged us to taste all the local dishes so here we are, with the biggest breakfast ever, tasting all this good stuff. I don’t know about you, but I love spicy food. I wouldn’t eat in the morning but in India, I couldn’t have a choice. Spicy in the morning, spicy in the afternoon, spicy in the evening. Sometimes even my coffee was spicy – I didn’t like that tho :))

We felt so welcomed at this resort. The staff was amazing. So kind, always there to help us, always asking if we need this or that. Their patience with every single one of us was mind-blowing. And I thank them for insisting at me to try Indian dishes. Usually, I don’t like trying new food, and first two weeks in India I eat just rice and noodles.

No Masala Dosa, no Dal, no Thali. SUCH WATE! Because these dishes are to die for. And I encourage, if you go to India please try all of them. They are PERFECTION! Especially at the Ambatty Greens.

Rich but Humble

The cherry on top of this trip in Coorg was meeting the Director of the Resort one night.

We all went for dinner and had the best time. The director was so friendly and open to tell us all the beautiful stories about Coorg. About their history, their food, work, and passions.

Next day he invited us to meet his wife – a passionate inspiring woman. After, he invited us to attend a wedding.
Yes, this wedding was truly a local experience for us. Going there, meeting all these friendly people, eating together, dancing together. I almost felt like a guest myself :))

Best things about Ambatty Greens?

Its the perfect getaway place for families with kids, newly married couples and not only, people who are looking for places far from the city, far from the craziness. A place where you can read a great book, have a swimming in the pull day and night, enjoy the sun in the sound of nature, learning a new sport GOLF (a thing that Ambatty Greens is known for) or playing it if you know how to.
If you rent a car you can go visit an Elephant Rescue Shelter, you can do a safari or you can go to the nearest city called Madikeri where you can visit all the shops.



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