One heart changes when you shower it with uncondit...

One heart changes when you shower it with unconditional love


I look around and realise that oftentimes lack of real love is the main cause of many of our problems. I sometimes wonder why it is so hard for us to love unconditionally and wholeheartedly. It’s true, we love those who do us good, who make us feel better and loved and comfortable, but isn’t that too easy? Anyone could love someone who loves them back, but where’s the challenge in this? That’s why things don’t change in our lives, because love is not given freely, but conditionally. Could we actually show love just love? And not expect anything in return?

I understand that there are certain moments when it seems to be impossible to show love, but here’s the game-changing secret: exactly in that moment, choose to show love. “An eye for an eye” is not an answer and it never has been. Instead, illogical and unreasonable love is going to change things. I don’t know what’s that area in your life where you struggle to be kind and loving. I don’t know who’s that person that insulted you, disappointed you or wronged you somehow. Maybe you have someone in your life that doesn’t stop being hateful, especially when you’re around. If hate is your answer to hate, as a result you will have a multiplication of hate. Show her love, regardless of what she did. Let her see that you love her even if she doesn’t love you back. Show her you care and hate will disappear. Because love conquers hate, just like good defeats evil all the time, eventually.

In a world where people naturally care only for themselves and their own interests, dare to be different. You can make a change right now, right where you are. You don’t have to become that person you’ve always dreamt of, you don’t even have to accomplish that dream you keep talking about in order to have an impact. You can be an influence and a great example in your sphere of life – your group of friends, your family, at school, at your job, in your neighbourhood. You can step out of the crowd right where you are. Love freely and forgive quickly. And when you love, don’t expect anything in return.

You’ll be amazed by how effective unconditional love can be.

Something crazy is happening when people who feel unworthy of receiving anything good, receive your love nevertheless. Because that’s when people give up and their hearts suffer change – when we don’t give up on loving them.

The best example of this kind of love that I know is Jesus Christ. He loves us so much that He chose to die for us when we least deserved it. We were as far as possible from Him, but He wanted to came close. We had nothing good in us, everything we did was hateful, sinful and dishonoring, but still, Jesus saw something good within us, something He decided it’s worth dying for. Something that had Him hung up on a cross for us. He paid the price so we wouldn’t have to. That’s mind-blowing. We were against Him but He kept loving us, unconditionally. Do you really know what that means? It means that He sees something good in you right now, even if you know you don’t deserve it. It means that no matter who you are or what you’ve done, He loves you and He would have died even if He was to do it only for you. And for the record, He is there beside you on a daily basis, waiting for you to believe it. Even when you fail, even when you feel like you’re not worthy of His love, He doesn’t stop loving you.

This kind of love is the one that makes you new. This is the love that actually works in our relationships too. Never stop loving people around you and whenever you feel it’s hard, remember that JESUS LOVES YOU. Fiercely. Infinitely. Immeasurably.

Pictures from: Amanda Thomsen Photography

Ma uit in jurul meu si realizez ca de foarte multe ori, lipsa dragostei autentice e factorul care sta la baza multor probleme. De ce ne e asa de greu sa iubim neconditionat, nelimitat? E adevarat ca ii iubim pe cei ce ne fac bine, pe cei care ne ofera ceva la randul lor, dar nu vi se pare prea usor? Acest lucru nu e o provocare, pentru ca iubim ca sa primim. Oricine poate sa faca asta. Dar oare putem sa iubim doar ca sa oferim, fara sa asteptam nimic in schimb?

Stiu ca sunt situatii in care pare imposibil sa aratam dragoste, dar secretul care aduce schimbarea e tocmai acolo: chiar in situatiile respective, alege sa iubesti. “Ochi pentru ochi si dinte pentru dinte” nu este, n-a fost si nu va fi niciodata raspunsul la problemele si conflictele noastre. In schimb, dragostea ilogica, irationala de care dam dovada va schimba ceva. Nu stiu care-i domeniul in care ti-e cel mai greu sa arati dragoste in momentul de fata. Nu stiu care-i persoana care ti-a gresit. Poate ca ai o prietena care te-a dezamagit. Poate ca exista o fata in grupul tau de prietene care te barfeste, poate ca ai fost jignita de comportamentul ei. Poate ca cineva te dispretuieste si tu stii asta. Crede-ma, daca raspunzi cu ura la ura, nu vei rezolva nimic, decat ca vei multiplica ura. Alege sa-i arati dragoste. Demonstreaza-i ca tu nu o iubesti in functie de cat te iubeste ea pe tine. Arata-i ca iti pasa de ea, iar ura ei se va risipi. Pentru ca dragostea invinge ura, la fel cum binele invinge raul.Intotdeauna.

Intr-o lume in care in mod firesc toti se intereseaza doar de propria persoana si propriile interese, fii diferit. Tu poti sa faci o schimbare exact in locul in care esti in acest moment. Nu e nevoie sa amani si sa visezi sa ajungi undeva ca sa poti sa ai o influenta. In grupul tau de prieteni, in familia ta, la locul de munca, tu poti sa fii altfel. Iubeste mult si iarta repede. Si cand iubesti nu astepta nimic in schimb.

Oricum vei fi uimita de rezultate, pentru ca un om cand stie ca nu merita sa fie iubit si totusi, contrar asteptarilor, i se arata dragoste, cedeaza. Lasa armele jos si ceva in inima lui se schimba.img_8304

Exemplul cel mai bun de dragoste nemarginita e chiar Isus. Ne iubeste atat de mult incat a ales sa moara pentru noi chiar in momentul cand eram cel mai jos, cel mai departe de El. Dar s-a apropiat El, chiar daca noi eram departe. Nimic nu mai arata ca avem vreo sansa, eram plini de rautate, dar Isus a vazut in noi ceva bun, ceva ce merita cel mai mare sacrificiu, ceva ce L-a rastignit pe cruce. Eram impotriva Lui si totusi ne-a iubit. Ne-a iubit cu o dragoste neconditionata pe fiecare in parte. Stii ce inseamna neconditionat? Adica fara sa iti puna vreo conditie. Indiferent de cine esti, ce ai facut pana acum, ce vei face sau unde vei ajunge. E o nebunie, stiu, dar ar fi murit si DOAR pentru tine. Si pe langa asta, in fiecare zi, Isus te iubeste. Chiar si cand gresesti si simti ca nu meriti nimic bun, El e tot langa tine si te iubeste.

Dragostea asta care nu are nicio logica, care nu poate fi inteleasa, te schimba si te face o persoana noua. La fel functioneaza si cu oamenii atunci cand ii iubesti fara sa ceri ceva in schimb. Nu inceta sa faci asta si adu-ti aminte de fiecare data cand ti-e greu, ca si tu esti iubit si iubita fara limite de Isus. 


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