If you live a miserable life, Christmas is for you

If you live a miserable life, Christmas is for you

We all know that when we celebrate someone’s birthday, we are trying to make everything about that particular person. We let them know how much we appreciate thier personality , how much we love them, how grateful we are for them and how much joy they bring into our lives.


But let’s just have a moment to think about what or who we are actually celebrating on Christmas. In theory we all know somehow that it’s about the baby savior called Jesus, who was born in a manger in the midst of a few animals. Leaving this aside, do we ever wonder why exactly was Jesus born? Why is there such a great celebration over this particular subject? What’s in it for us that we make such a big deal around Jesus’ birth?


Because of Jesus the whole world turned upside down. The humanity changed its course. How? Love came and became flesh and made his home among us. How did he come? In the most humble way – chose the form of an inoffensive child. He was born so we could have Someone to save us, to have every one of our sins forgiven. He came down for us because He loved us too much to leave us empty and helpless. He decided we deserve His greatest sacrifice of all – to die in our place on the cross.


Let’s answer another question. Who exactly was Jesus born for? Maybe you’re thinking that it was for the religious people, for the ones that do not miss any church service or for those that apparently do everything right and seem that are dressed in perfection everytime you hear them speak. It’s not like that. Jesus was born for those who live miserable lives. He came for the broken. For the messed-up people. For the ones that made a lost of mistakes, for people like me and you, people with flaws and imperfections and insecurities. And He’s not sorry for the decision He made. He lived a pure, sinless life, in perfect obedience to the Father so He could die the sinner’s death, take away our sins, bear our imperfections and make us whole.




If we decide to believe this amazing act of sacrificial love and accept it as a free gift of salvation and freedom, we become new. Life begins, from the inside out. A life of peace, the kind of peace that surpasses every understanding. Peace came down for you, in the person of Jesus Christ. Embrace Him!

Let’s have a different CHRISTmas this year. The kind of Christmas when we remember The One we are celebrating.

Picture by: Calin Onye

Cu totii stim ca atunci cand sarbatorim ziua de nastere a unei persoane dragi, incercam sa facem ca totul sa se invarta in jurul acelei persoane. Ii spunem cat de mult o apreciem, o iubim, cat de multumitori suntem pentru ea si cat de multa fericire aduce in vietile noastre.


Hai sa avem un moment in care sa raspundam la cateva intrebari esentiale legate de Craciun. La nivel teoretic stim ca e vorba despre Isus Cristos, care s-a nascut intr-o iesle intre animale. Lasand asta la o parte, insa, ne intrebam noi de ce s-a nascut? De ce e atat de importanta aceasta sarbatoare? De ce ne intereseaza pe noi atat de tare sa o celebram?


Datorita lui Isus lumea a luat o intorsatura radicala. Umanitatea si-a schimbat complet cursul existentei. Dragostea intruchipata a coborat printre noi, in carne si oase. Pentru ca aveam nevoie de El ca sa traim cu adevarat. Cum a venit, insa? A venit in cel mai umil si modest mod – sub forma unui copilas inofensiv. S-a nascut ca noi sa avem un Mantuitor, sa putem fii iertati de fiecare greseala. A venit pe pamant pentru ca ne-a iubit prea mult ca sa ne lase goi si neajutorati. A considerat ca meritam cel mai maret sacrificiu – sa-si dea viata pe cruce in locul nostru.


Hai sa mai raspundem la o intrebare importanta: pentru cine mai exact s-a nascut Isus? Poate crezi ca doar pentru oamenii care nu rateaza nici un program de biserica, care iti lasa impresia ca nu au nici o greseala si care iti spun mereu cat este de perfecta viata lor. Ei bine, nu e deloc asa. Isus s-a nascut pentru cei care au viata intoarsa pe dos. Pentru cei care sunt mizerabili, pentru cei daramati, pentru cei care au multe greseli – cei ca mine si ca tine, cei cu imperfectiuni si framantari. Ce ma fascineaza e ca indiferent de felul in care decurge viata ta in acest moment, Lui nu-i pare rau ca a luat decizia asta, de a muri pentru noi. El a trait o viata perfecta, fara pacat, in deplina ascultare fata de Tatal ca sa ajunga in punctul in care sufera moartea pacatosului, purtand pacatele noastre, luand asupra lui durerea pe care noi trebuia sa o suportam, intregindu-ne.


Daca alegi sa crezi ca acest act de dragoste jerfitoare este si pentru tine personal si il accepti ca o invitatie la mantuire si libertate, viata ta este alta, iar schimbarea va veni din interior spre exterior. Viata ta va fi plina de pace, dar nu orice fel de pace – ci o pace care intrece logica si intelegere. Pacea a venit cu adevarat pe pamant, in persoana lui Isus Cristos. Imbratiseaza acest dar!

Haideti sa avem un craciun diferit in acest an. in care sa nu uitam de Sarbatorit. Sa-l pastram in centrul atentiei!


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