For a long time I wanted to make a shooting with my sister Andreea; And finally last week we managed to make time for this. We wanted to have some fun so we decided to make our hair and make-up the same. Everybody asks us if we are twins so here we are.. almost twins. One year apart. 

For this shooting, I chose to wear a red cardigan from Zaful with black leather pants, black boots and a beautiful scarf from Happiness Boutique.

Andreea wore a sweater from Zaful with black pants, black shoes from MenBur and a nice green scraft. AA9A4001-horz AA9A4022-horz AA9A4074-horzAA9A4075-horzAA9A4031-horz

The pitures were made by my dear Anca Cheregi.

  1. Dorothea

    9 January

    Aww.. You two are more than gorgeous!! ❤️

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