ANA clothing

ANA clothing

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You  probably already noticed that I love to pose with dresses. I do not know, but dresses make me feel more feminine. I  would wear dresses non stop, that’s why I do not lose any opportunity to wear one.

This time I collaborate with ANA clothing. At Ana’s place I found a world full of Tulle skirts, dresses and lace tops.

The first outfit was composed of a baby blue tulle skirt (which is so soft that made me want to touch her nonstop); to which I added a white lace top. I made the pictures in Cluj-Napoca City center with Raluca Cozma._MG_8904_MG_8935_MG_8972_MG_8997_MG_8999_MG_9005_MG_9026

Second look was all black consisting a skirt long to the ground and a simple top, to which I added a necklace from Happiness Boutique. Since I am not tired yet of taking pictures in nature we chose to do these photos up on the hills. I Loved this shooting._MG_9173-horz_MG_9190-horz _MG_9196-horz _MG_9198-horz_MG_9493-horz _MG_9508-horz _MG_9556-horz _MG_9710-horz_MG_9711-horz _MG_9713-horz _MG_9714-horz_MG_9734-horz

Thanks ANA clothing for these extremely beautiful outfits and Raluca Cozma because you managed to make them shine through the pictures.

  1. Giulia

    6 January

    Hey,as vrea sa achiziționez fusta neagra mă poți ajuta ,btw I love your style 😉

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