Thanks to Shipsomnia Festival I went for the first time in my life on a big boat, on a cruise.

I didn’t know what to expect, just seasick or fear of being surrounded by water. But it was nothing like this.

I boarded in Barcelona, on a hot day with Noemi my friend. After we passed the check-in, we decided to go around the ship and see how it looks like. It was huge, and I felt I am on a TITANIC boat :))) there were loads of hallways of hotel rooms, and up on Deck 12  was the dining room which was extremely elegant and beautiful. We stopped there because the smell of food was too tempting.

After we filled our bellies with the best food ever, we went to see our room which had a balcony. I loved it. Everything looked so beautiful.

During the cruise, I didn’t felt that the boat is moving as I expected so in some moments I would think that I was in a real hotel.

All the sunsets, all the moments when I watched the sea were so breathtaking. Some things are just way too beautiful. I am forever grateful.

4 days on this amazing boat and I wished I can stay there more. Hope to go back soon on a cruise like that.

Thank you Shipsomnia for this experience <3


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