Jack Wills – #Gymwear New Collection

Jack Wills – #Gymwear New Collection

2017?? Already? seems like a big YES!
And of course with  the new year bumping in our life I had to quickly do my resolution for this year, which I know is going to be a great one!
In my list you will find lots of points about health and sport – of course like anybody else.
And so it goes that I need to practice what I say, because the end of the year will judge me!
For me, if I want to go out for a workout I need to be dressed suitable! otherwise you won’t get me out of bed NO NO?
But If I put on some cool sport clothing, the energy starts to fill me -(maybe it sounds silly but really works for me haha)
That’s why I told myself- Shopping first
and without waiting for a second thought, I did it!
First brand on my list was Jack Wills.

When I discovered their sport collection, I was like .. daaamn I need that
So here I am wearing this cool hoodie and joggers for my exercises!
– sneak peek from my resolution list: to loose 5 kg and to be more fit!

what are your resolutions for this year?? Let’s look better and be healthier together Girls!!
We have just one life!

Pictures by: Monica Popa

  1. Alice

    15 January

    Loose 5kg? Why? You look really good!

    • Ada Pop

      15 January

      Some parts of my body need one kg off! I had before 49 kg and I looked very good so I just wanna go back to that number

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