Goa | part two

Goa | part two

So here we are, still in Goa for few more days.
Starting to get used to this craziness, with the cows sitting in the middle of the street. With the traffic and everything.

One day we decided to go and discover as many beaches as we can, we got on our scooters and started our journey early in the morning.

First was Querim Beach
A quiet empty beach where I loved to just stay and watch the waves. Really cool place for relaxing and reading a good book

Next one was Tiracol Beach
Here I took my clothes off and went into the sea. Not too far because I don’t know how to swim and the waves were pretty big. Outside was so hot and was the first day when I got a bit of tan.

Next one of my favorite Paradise Beach
I was so tired and without any energy to see a new beach but when I arrived I was shocked by the beauty of that place. so empty .. and the sand white and clean. I would have loved to stay there for a whole day. but we had to leave soon for our last stop.

Arambol Beach 
where we saw one of the best sunsets. Pink Pink. I tasted some perfect moments. and this place was full of hippie people, colorful shops, and happy tourists.

Another fun thing we did the next days was visiting the Spice Farm. There I discovered how lots of my favorite spices are made out of. I had a free yummy lunch and felt like in a jungle walking in that place.



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