Pink Rose

Pink Rose


While taking the pictures for this article, a boy came to me and gave me a beautiful, pink rose. I was very perplexed as to why he was doing this but he soon answered my question. He told me that he is giving me the rose because I am even more beautiful in person than I am in pictures. I don’t know if he follows my blog, but if he does I want to thank him for this nice gesture and because of the rose he gave me, I was able to take beautiful pictures – Yes, I do love to take pictures with flowers!

I was so touched and impressed with this simple gesture. A flower will always put a smile on a girl’s face. So dear boys, make sure you give out flowers more often!    

For these pictures, I chose to wear a pair of leather pants from Seagulls of St Kilda. It was love at first sight. They can be easily combined with anything and the fact that they are high waist is great because they make my legs look very long and mine are short, so I need this. 🙂  -> you can find yours HERE

…And I forgot to mention the rose I had received: it was the perfect accessory to my outfit. Enjoy!:)

AA9A0545-horz AA9A0667-horz AA9A0733-horzAA9A0703-horzAA9A0792-horzAA9A0804-horzAA9A0832-horzpagePictures by: Anca Cheregi

Acne Pants: Seagulls of St. Kilda

Heels: Benvenuti

  1. Andreea Serban

    8 September

    I love, love, love this post! And the lighting in the pictures is perfect!

  2. Trounin

    31 August

    мне нравится

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