Cheile Turzii

Cheile Turzii

Cheile Turzii, one place I wanted to visit for a long time. I had the opportunity to do this with Jake, a very talented photographer from Barcelona. 

We wanted to catch the sunset and here we came. In this beautiful place that inspired me to write something that I will share with you.

Romania has so many beautiful places to see and discover.

Tell me something about beauty

The beauty of nature

The beauty of seeing a sunset full of color, full of energy

You look and see flowers closing their petals, going to sleep. Sheep eating slowly the wet grass.

The smell around you is so clean and fresh.

You’re barefoot, not worrying about anything.

You walk in your dress, dancing, smiling. Being simply HAPPY.

Because nature is the best place to express yourself.

Your soul grows, Your hopes get higher.

Nature, amazing Nature.  

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