A girl like her

A girl like her

I think life is beautiful exactly because after bad things happen to us, good things are coming.

I’ve always been a positive person. I’ve always believed in the people I came to meet. And because of this, quite often I got hurt.

Not this time, when after few moths in London I meet her: Monica Popa – the photographer behind this pictures – Such a positive girl. Full of energy, passionate about lots of things. A girl who would help me whenever I would need it. A girl who knew to encourage me in my moments of doubts.

Because of this girl, I started my blog again. And I started with so much energy and beliefs. Piece by piece things came together and my blog had a new shape and lots of success. All because I started believing in me. All because she was there to push me forward.

And then, I’ve meet Mica. Another girl who influenced my life is such amazing way.

I was blown away by her spirit, her way of seeing things, her passion for life and things around her. The love for learning new things, for discovering new places. You would look in her eyes and you would feel such a peace.

She was happy! She was thankful and humble!

Because of her I stopped eating meat and soon I will stop with the milky foods as weel :))

Through Monica and Mica, I’ve learned that it’s so beautiful when we girls support each other. When we believe in each other and there is no room for jealousy, amazing things start to happen.

We grow together, we create together and we WIN TOGETHER.

Last time when we meet, we’ve decided to go on a road-trip out of London. We said goodbye leaving behind such funny, beautiful and good memories.  

I’m forever thankful for meeting these girls <3


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